What does it mean? The term purpose is widely used in today’s society. Often misused by marketeers as a means of increasing sales or positioning a product or brand, its practical definition is vague. 

As mentioned in our previous blog, at Rhinestudio we are on a mission to combine purpose and convenience to empower people to make an impact by shopping responsibly, in style. In this blog, we would like to zoom in on what we actually mean with purpose. We will also shed light on what steps we take in order to contribute to our purpose.

After careful thinking, we have divided our purpose over three axes: for consumers, for brands and for our planet. We define purpose as the why for Rhinestudio’s existence. 


First of all, for our customers, the people. If we want to work towards creating a fashion industry and a world that is less obsessed by volume and absolute growth as a measure of success, we cannot ignore the need for a behavioral change among consumers. At the end of the day, consumers hold significant power over the established industry, as they are the ones who provide the revenue by consuming the products. 

How do we do this? First and foremost we do this by means of positive reinforcement. Instead of guilting people into consuming more responsibly, we choose to focus on the positive developments and behaviors. 

Second, we practice what we preach. Although we sell new products on our platform, we strongly support recycling, upcycling or other types of methods that can prolong the life cycle of a piece. To make sure our customers don’t have to buy new all the time, we guarantee a lifelong repair service. This allows you to enjoy your piece for a lot longer, without having to buy a completely new product. 

We have a network of local tailors in Amsterdam to repair broken products to extend their lifecycle. Just send us an e-mail and we will get your piece back in tip-top condition as soon as possible. Saves you money, saves us a bad review and saves the planet unnecessary harm.


We believe Rhinestudio is a platform that connects like-minded people and progressive brands. To take the role of facilitator into practice, we reinvest in connecting to, learning from and collaborating with each other. By doing so, we maintain close relations with the people behind the brands we work with. We strive for the collective growth of our platform and our partners. This enables the brands and the people behind the brands to learn from each other.

We are all young, curious and ambitious, so let’s use that to our advantage by sharing our knowledge and experiences. We are currently working on the first Rhinestudio event where we will bring together the ambitious young brains behind the brands on our platform. We also want to invite industry experts outside of our community to help share relevant insights into sustainability in the fashion supply chain, retail strategies and more. More information about this soon. 


Last but not least, our planet. Creating awareness about sustainable and future-proof fashion is one of our main drivers at Rhinestudio. To contribute to this goal, we donate 1% of our profits to the museum of Fashion for Good. Fashion for Good is an innovative organization that inspires and educates people and brands about ‘Good Fashion’. We have recently donated our first donation to them since our launch. 


What do you think? What is your purpose? Are you guided by a purpose when shopping? Do you actively think about stuff like this while shopping? We are curious. Let us know by reaching out or sliding in our DM’s on Instagram or Tiktok. We’d love to hear from you. 

After all, we don’t have all the answers, neither do we pretend to. The trick is to keep learning as you go along, which can be a purpose in itself.

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