How we went from selling hand-dyed sneaker socks to a platform for sustainable streetwear with a story

After months of hard work, we proudly present: Rhinestudio 2.0, your one-stop-shop for sustainable streetwear with a story. In this blog, we introduce ourselves, explain the reason for rethinking Rhinestudio and our vision for the future.

How it started

We are Thijs & Cyril: roommates and friends with a shared passion for clothes and sneakers. We founded Rhinestudio in late 2019 as a creative initiative to sell hand-dyed apparel. We got the idea on a lazy sunday afternoon, while chilling on the couch. As so very often, we were talking about sneakers. We concluded that sneaker enthusiasts often wore white socks in their sneakers to maximize the attention to their fresh kicks. Noticing this trend, we decided to think in the opposite direction and asked ourselves: was there was a more creative way to bring attention to sneakers and make them even more noticable? 

After a creative brainstorming session based on our own interests and the trends we noticed, we got the idea for tie dye. So, we got ourselves some socks, tie dye kits and got to work to see what we could make of it. The ball started rolling pretty quickly and within weeks we noticed the popularity of tie dyed socks. They were not just popular among sneaker enthusiasts, but with a much broader audience. We decided to make a business out of it. The rest is history. 

Fast forward 12 months: having sold out multiple drops of tie dye socks and shirts, we found ourselves questioning the long-term impact of what we were doing. We decided to fully reinvent Rhinestudio to truly reflect our vision for the apparel industry.

Our new direction

We find it’s time for change. That is why we have decided to stop making and selling our hand-dyed tie dye apparel. We want to use Rhinestudio to focus on having a positive impact on the apparel industry.

Following the 2020 lockdowns, we have seen how quickly the environment can restore itself, how rapidly businesses can adapt and how resourceful and cooperative people can be. We are convinced that a post-pandemic world can be better than the one that preceded it - and we are motivated to work with people and fashion brands to make it a reality.

A growing number of people, especially younger generations, want to have a positive impact on their surroundings. The problem is that they often don't know how or where to start. That is where we come in. By offering a carefully selected collection of sustainable streetwear brands with a purpose, we give customers a helping hand in supporting brands that fight for the good cause.

3 pillars: impact, purpose & convenience

For us, sustainability is not a unique selling point, it should be the standard. Therefore, we only work with brands that have a distinct underlying purpose, besides offering sustainable products. Check out the stories of our brands

Our concept is built on three main pillars: impact, purpose and convenience. We combine purpose and convenience to empower our customers to make an impact. In a future blog, we will dive into these three pillars in more detail. For now, we would like to thank you for spending your time with us and maybe even supporting us. If you have any ideas, questions or comments, feel free to contact us. 

Impact is created where purpose meets convenience.

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