DFNS Footwear Protector

DFNS Footwear Protector

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DFNS Footwear Protector is a sustainable, water-based, solvent-free spray that is safe to use inside. It protects all sneakers — including those made of leather, suede, nubuck and canvas.

  • Waterproof and dirtproof your sneakers with DFNS Footwear Protector
  • Spray is sustainable, water-based, solvent-free and safe to use inside
  • Protects shoes making them watertight yet breathable
  • Works on all materials — from leather and suede to nubuck and canvas


DFNS is born to support and accelerate sustainability. They’re on a quest to be the greenest and greatest alternative in the lifestyle care industry. When it comes to their products, DFNS is always on the lookout for the most sustainable, eco-friendly options.

They create premium products that work well without compromising the planet or the health of their consumers. These products drive change with passion and respect for sports, travel, fashion and street- and sneaker culture. DFNS believes that when you combine innovation, expertise, and enthusiasm anything is possible.  

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