KABOOSH Wipeout Tee
KABOOSH Wipeout Tee
KABOOSH Wipeout Tee

KABOOSH Wipeout Tee

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Product story

Taken from a game from the late 90s, called Wipeout. The game was set in a futuristic world where there were no real borders between countries.

Product description

This half-sleeve t-shirt is made from only natural fibres, using 100% organic cotton. It is produced in a GOTS-certified manufacturing house, with fair wages and good working conditions.


KABOOSH is a contemporary streetwear label that makes clothes with sustainable fabrics, under ethical conditions and in a transparent way. KABOOSH aims to create expressions that are raw, true to the bone and challenges the status quo. To create awareness, provoke and bring attention to the problems in our society.

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