Thanks to our friends at Pinkorangeclub, we got the opportunity to temporarily host our very own Rhinestudio pop-up store at Lil’ Amsterdam, located in the Amstelpassage at Amsterdam Central Station. After months of hard work focused on our online experience, we are able to showcase our quality, style and atmosphere with you during 3 weekends (9-13 July / 16-18 July / 23-25 July). 

As you might know by now, we offer a podium to young and ambitious brands to voice their story. We focus on the deeper purpose of our connected brands, while also making sustainable materials and fair working conditions the norm within the fashion industry. 

Improving the fashion industry as a whole is an increasingly popular topic, with many ideas on how this can be done. By educating ourselves on this topic, learning from other people’s experiences and combining insights, we brought our own message to life at Since our launch in January of this year, we have received a lot of very insightful feedback from many of you in the Rhinestudio community. 

We are happy to see that most people understand our message and support it so strongly. However, we always believe there is room for improvement in getting our message across more clearly.  -By the way, this is also a request to you: let us know what you think of our webshop and our vision by contacting us

As said, we continually look for new and better ways to explain and express ourselves. And what better way to do this by letting our products speak for themselves? As we started thinking about communicating our message and sharing our vision for Rhinestudio, we quickly came up with the idea to use a physical space to represent our webshop in real life. That way, people can really feel and experience our products, while learning more about the brand stories by listening. 

How were we going to make this happen? Easier said than done. We did not have the space to let people come over to our office and the ongoing Covid situation did not make it any easier. Then, out of the blue, we received a phone call from our friends at Pinkorangeclub who asked if we wanted to look after their store when they were out of town. That was the perfect opportunity for us, so we immediately happily agreed. We are now actually able to showcase our vision and let people see and feel the actual pieces we sell. 

The store is located in the Amstelpassage at Amsterdam Central Station, also known as Lil’ Amsterdam since 2007. The goal of this passage is to add contemporary culture to a public space like Amsterdam Central Station. Lil’ Amsterdam believes that contemporary culture has the power to create a vibe in which people of all age, gender, background and ethnicity feel good, included and inspired. Feel free to visit Lil’ Amsterdam to shop, eat, dance, drink and connect. 

Last weekend we officially opened our doors and celebrated with a bunch of friends, family and Rhinestudio community members. If you’re prone to FOMO, don’t worry. We will open our doors for 2 more weekends in July, so you have plenty of time to come meet the Rhinestudio team, share a drink with us and browse our latest collection. We’ll be open on:

  • 16 July 13.30 - 20.00
  • 17-18 July 11.00 - 20.00
  • 23 July 13.30 - 20.00
  • 24-25 July 11.00 - 20.00

Need an extra incentive? Tell us that you read our blog and you get a 10% discount on your first order.

Still not convinced? On the 24th, we have invited one of the best photographers to come by in the afternoon and snap some pics for an hour or so. So, do you need a new profile pic? Or are you secretly dreaming of a modelling career? We got you!

See you soon! 

Thijs and Cyril

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